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Does Big-Size Brain Make You Smarter? No, Forget Phrenology

Image credit: Medical dailiy (human brain)

Let's face it, brain size-intelligence correlation isn't absolute. Although, I haven't tested this in any way but I have strong convinction about this due to mundane observations. This piece is only a neuro-opinion. The size of your brain and intelligence could be hypothesized from layman's way of thinking. Perhaps, some kind of arguments among brain science experts in recent time.

I am not a fan of brain and IQ myth. Also hate to beg the question about Intelligence Quotient. You already know this!

Let's see how our bones of contention differ, given my observation below.

Points of Observation

1. Guys with big head, yet imbeciles
I have seen a lot of guys out there who a merely vegetables. Isn't this a ready-made fact to disprove the myth about big brain = higher intelligence? Einstein had an average-size brain.But guess what? Fewer neurons than Glial cells in his case, which is something abnormal. This is distributed in some brain science journals and evident in Einstein's biography of what scientists did with his brain.

2. Pseudo-neuroscientific portrayal
It seems inadequate to put some myths together and call it science. Although a study used MRI scans to prove big brain/ high intelligence correlation right, the puzzle still remains, 'how much correlation stands a good correlation?' Brain size measurement is another thing called encephalization while phrenology is another term to define skull quantification.

3. Neuroplasticity disproves this
Children at their tender age, replicate much number of brain cells than when they become adults. Why? Neurons learn to connect with older (often used) pathways and neglect weaker connections. Neurons (branches) in the weaker connections soon get prunned or trimmed away from the main tree (other association that maintains stronger connections).
This makes it evident enough to believe that we have larger volume of neurons long before adulthood but environment fine-tuned us into what we are useful for. Yes, the skills, nutrition, self-improvement, intelligence etc.

4. You grew up from childhood into adulthood
Gone are the days of your billion brain cells, but now with even fewer brain neurons, [which implies reduce brain volume], you are more intellligent than when you were 3 or 5 year old.

Your take on this...

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