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3 Reasons the Law of Attraction Works

1. Clearing off doubts

Clearing the doubts within one's mind is synonymous to faith and positive psychology here. Also, the psychology of magic works in accordance with this.
Humans have to be certain in terms of faith, as if the object being attracted is already manifested. Many other universal laws, although they are laws which have some reasonable degree
of constancy and consistency, work their way with humans through certainty.
Code:  If you want to get something, start believing.

2. Positive high emotions

It is as if there are places stimulated in the brain when we engage in spiritual and/transcendental affairs. Recent studies have show the existence of god-module (god neuronal mechanisms) found in the brain neurons, more particularly, the Limbic system- hippocampus that correlate highly with emotional highs in terms of spiritual matters like meditation, prayer, and high intentions from the inside.

3. Mind attract likes, and like minds.

This philosophy follows from the inherent principle of attraction itself such that whatever you are thinking of in such a manner that one thought must either be dominant or recessive but not dominant or recessive at the same time if they are opposites just like good and bad, but the good and good may holds simultaneously.

If you want to experiment the correctness of this law, first of all believe it is not a hype at all. Clear those doubts! Second, Manifest the state of  emotional high. Some Low tonic music may help... find Mozart, Beethoven, and Vivaldi. Meditate. With inspiration, you would  motivated but only with genuineness of mind. Focus and reach transcendence within few minutes. 
Not hearsay, not heresy, it works!

Image credits: Ultimate Life Magazine
Source: Brian Tracy, and Bob Proctor's literature

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