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5 Reasons Smart People Sucks

Why smart people don't make sense
Courtesy: huffington post


If you don't know already,  smart are usually known for for their astuteness but one major downside is the fact that they might be uninteresting to people. These are top reasons you don't want a smart person:

1. Over-confidence
When being too over-confident makes too much of an ego to inflate or dominate it, humans may see reasons to not make further efforts. It seems humans, by there very nature love to experiment only with things that are associated with more problems, not things so simple, easy, or already-solved. When easy tasks are presented recurrently, the result might be, to lax.

2. Too Much IQ tend towards a unidirectional way of thinking
The so-called IQers or highly intelligent persons may have a straight-way solution to a problem, whereas, a random approach from a creative perspective offers many angles to tackle the problems for. 

Psychologically, they are the ones who uses the bi-directional thinking so, the while IQ of a thing is only a hype. (Amabile research on creativity confirms this).

3. Intelligence does not guarantee creativity nor a necessary condition for it
Intelligence is not synonymous to creativity, neither is it a guarantee of it but you can be sure to a reasonable extent that creativity can guarantee intelligence. The semantic syllogism here is 'creative guys are intelligent but not all intelligent guys are creative guys'.

4. Smart people could be rigid decision makers
You may want to argue this but, it would only make more sense, or meaning if we do not assume a smart person is an uncreative fellow. Being Smart here is not used to mean uncreative. It all depends on the definition you give to smartness, intelligence, genius, and creativity.

That they may be rigid decision makers implies from the fact that, since  a good number of them are uni-directional thinkers, they may disregard seeing things from a different angle, since it implies further that, they are assumed to follow the status quo.

5. They can be socially inept
They seek information instead of developing skills. That skill is just that social skills you are thinking of right now. It is obvious many of this IQers embrace a lot of solitude their best self they can be.

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