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5 Reasons Atheist Hold Their Stance

1. The existence of a supreme being and/gods cannot be physically verified

This is a principle that a good number of atheists build their stance on, and might be justified of. 
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 If you want to immerse yourself into the philosophy of theism and atheism, go into metaphysical philosophy.

2. Religion and the entire spiritual affairs follow dogmas

The whole ethical guidelines, dos and don'ts are so stated in such a way that cannot be questioned. No room for skepticism as regards religion. However, if you
move slightly away from the whole quibbles and some outdated doctrines of a rigid religion, you may be more attune to spirituality, and not religiosity.

3. Atheism is freedom

That God/gods do(es) not exist seem a kind of relief, and/or freedom from imposition of rules. It could be apparent that the daily life-style of atheists might be in compromise if there are no choices to make regarding religious affairs, therefore, to not believe any supremacy is a solace.

4. Maybe a good number of them are scientists

Science does not  rely on miracles, neither does it have to wait for abracadabra. It rather has a high degree of correlation with whatever is the opposite of dogmatism, what can be proven, what holds physical laws, what can be verified, what exist in reality, and of course, what works.
 If it is not questionable, it is not scientific, if it is not scientific, nothing of such exist. So, why should religion be a grand doctrine, principles, guidelines, and imposition of rules?

5. Spiritual entities are mere mythical folklores

They are merely derived from unwritten literatures of people as expressed in terms of folktales,proverbs, riddles, songs, e.t.c (Collins English Dictionary [definition of Folklore]).
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  1. Atheism is just lacking belief in different gods. Atheists will not be a group and do not necessarily help make any claims as to how that they became atheists or the particular existence of gods. Those which claim the rational decision being atheists typically do so by following scientific procedure which is built to overcome the known issues with human thought. It is usually ironic that this is a write-up by researchers essentially proclaiming that humans are not rational plus they came to your conclusion they can no uncertainty claim is a rational decision.

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  2. @James, ur comment endorsed.. Have a nice day.


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