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12 Signs You Are With The Wrong Partner

Junk intimacy
Wrong intimacy

1. Love is blind at the very beginning
Although a good partner takes you for who you are, love is never blind to them. They correct your inadequacies without necessarily causing physical violence but also, they do not sacrifice or compromise their moral standard in the name of love.

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2. A good partner doesn't gossip you around

Some take a lot of pleasure in gossip that they call it gist but a good partner is that one who protects your image even when something seems wrong, he/she correct with love and in privacy.

3. A good partner can read your emotions a good percentage of the time
They assume it is their responsibility to alter your emotions for the positive when something goes wrong in that dimension. They want to see you happy all the time.

4. A good partner is not so materialistic as to frustrate you
Any partner whose growing demand is always on  luxury such that they are overly dependent on you , is a way to frustration [give, give, give] all the  time even when it is not convenient for you, and is certainly the wrong partner who may one day, 'not see any good in you' unless you provide stuffs.

5. A good partner does not necessarily mean soul mate
You may want to argue it out but, that's the truth. If your definition of soul mate is the 'lock and key hypothesis' of enzyme reaction which means 'an entity fitting into another appropriate entity as to make it better through catalysis', you get it all wrong.

 Soul mates through scientific research are not mere opposites, that's if they even exist. It 's dangerous to think and act as if you'll come about a soul mate one day. The one who will make you better.

 This is a trick as you continue to wait for your already-designed angel to come and complete you, it could be a rational excuse for your failures. Soul mates do not exist, please, stay away!

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6. Right partners do not pride themselves over criticisms
They submit with humility just to ensure peace. Better still, if the criticism is a creative one, that could bring further health and harmony to the relationship. 

7. A good partner doesn't tell  you lies
Even despite in the face of fear of rejection, they still tell the truth. Why should the one you love tell you the biggest lie if they truly love you?

8. Love at first sight
If what brought you to a would-be partner is physical  admiration at a glance, please be retrace your steps and find an escape route. It's dangerous to base your judgement about a person on mere looks  which won't even last forever.

9. They are extra-marital
Cheating, having concubines is a popular culture of the wrong partner, it's as if it's inherent in their nature to engage in extra-marital affairs. What will become of you, the loyal partner?

10 A good partner trust you
If the relationship is not built on trust, please back off. Trust is to this day confirmed scientifically as the solid foundation and backbone of love.

11. A good partner makes an effort to improve themselves
If the sucking parts of them since you know them still lingers for many years, and you're aware they have the full ability to make a change, they may not be your best fit. 

Why would someone so much rely on you as to regress you on your way to progress by giving you a ritual to perform or refashion them into what you want and not who they really are? It may take you an endless effort.

12. If they are domineering
Too much dominion is a bad thing that can destroy a relationship as it can lead to frustrations, one partner upgrades, the other degrades.

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