What Is Mental Disorder?

Metal disorder is the disruption of the mental processes. Mental processes are the procedures related to the working together of mental units to produce an effect such as that related to a mechanism but in this case, the brain an its neurons.
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Many may confuse mental disorder with behavioural disordered but here, I would suppose there is hardly a line of demarcation between both of them.I would suppose most behavioural disorders result from mental disorders, and whatever is mental has to relate to the mind. The mind is a non-physical entity which the mental (physical entity) has come to explain. 

I would also elucidate the fact that the theories of Freud which is but a hypothetical construct of non-physical entities that is, the mind and parts of personality namely Id, ego, and super ego would seem meaningless if no other entity as the mental or physical exist to explain it further.

Consider the human brain which is in fact in the real sense that physical entity I am talking about here. If no brain exist, the mental wouldn't exist and as such, no mind.

So I would further suppose that all mental disorders could result in behavioural disorders since the brain controls or regulate nearly all functions of the human body. Or can you tell me a part of the body which the brain doesn't  control? Since the brain controls a good number of behaviours, alteration to this brain or this phenomenon called mental would also mean an alteration to behaviour and as  such, behavioural disorder is what results.

Consider further the Case of schizophrenia which here, you would assume a mental disorder because of the malfunctioning of the brain and alteration in the perceptual processes to the extent of exaggerating these processes often resulting into the popular hallucination paired with delusion. If these are all mental dis-organizations, is the behaviour therefore not disorganized or disordered as well?

 Consider further that the schizophrenic smile or laugh at a car accident that result in the loss of many lives. Is such behaviour not disordered? You may also consider further that at the instance of seeing Faeces, the schiziphrenic misrepresent it with a well prepared Salad or Pizza. Are those behaviours orderly.
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As the above may have explained explicitly to show the similarities and discrepancies, to learn more about the human brain and psychological phenomena, you can link to this blog.

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  1. Very informative post. You are sharing in wonderful way about "Mental Disorder". I read in research book as Mental health problems can be associated with immoderate stress due to a selected scenario or series of activities.Thank you for sharing more information of mental disorder.


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