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Drugs Kill Neuron and Affect Overall Brain Function?

Drugs can kill neuron through its psychoactive substances, by psychoactive I mean the ability of a drug to alter mood/emotion, behavior and social functioning.
To not digress a lot, I will stress further that  drugs vary in the kind of reaction they have in the brain starting from its minute structures called cell. For example, alcohol may function to depress the whole central nervous  system by mimicking the neurons that transmit GammaAmino ButyricAcid (GABA) neurotransmitters so that it potentates more inhibitive functions and as such, retard  some behaviors.
As regarding the kind of pattern that applies to drug, there is variation as to how lack of substances can damage neurons. What is lacking might even be more than vitamins for example, Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor is not directly synthesized from vitamin but rather, Proteinous substances so that if it lacks in the dendrites and even the area of protein synthesis of neurons that is, nucleus which is the life of the cell, then we can expect nerve cells to die. In the same way, if proteins are lacking so that they are not supplied to the myelin sheath which foster more fast transmission of nerve impulses we can expect demyelineated nerve fibres which often leads to multiple sclerosis- a devastating condition of neurons.. for more info check on … The Neuroplastic Human Being

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