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How Can I Dramatically Increase My Brain Processing Speed?

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The brain processing speed would be quantifiable in term of frequency of neural firing with close connection to to how malleable the brain is- a idea called neuroplasticity.
 If neuroplasticity the theory that the human brain can change both in structure and function due to experience hold true, then no doubt this principle can be found useful on a practical basis as it explicitly involve the influence of the environment I would suppose there are many environmental factors that can have their impact on the brain neuron.
Among these environmental stimuli, I would introduce the influence of music while at the same time explain how it works in accordance with the principle of neuroplasticity.This gives  hope of the fast brain processing speed you need. 
Here, effort would be made to elucidate whatever the need may be as to the the kind  of music to play to keep the brain stimulated, process information faster with supporting examples from neuroplasticity.
Although there are some other factors you can use to increase your brain processing speed, such factors like nutrition which in this regard, would mean balance diet. The intake of energy-giving food that enhance the works of the brain from the provision of glucose to it.
Here, to consider what you need to know about how to  increase the over all performance of your brain activity- its processing speed, it becomes imperative to know the gimmicks of Donald Hebb's principle of neuroplasticity. See neuroplasticity for more details.   
Also if you need more info about increasing your brain power, see Harnessing the power of early rising
 As to music, I would recommend that you search my blog for any article on neuroplasticity because that is the most important aspect of getting to know what to do to your brain  to get it re-wired for fast processing speed. Feel free, my blog is more of enlightening your path into the realm of a genius. 
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