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How to Become a Genius [Brainology-wise]

    Wanna become an Einstein? Then, this is for you.

    What Einstein and some great philosophers did.  I would suppose that there is no inherently dumb entity or individual. No such thing as below average IQ. What we call imbecile, moron, low grade idiot and high grade idiot are individuals who are determined most in part by environmental challenges. Anyway, this article is not to quibble, neither is it aimed at any argument or rant.

The sole purpose here is to enlighten your path, strengthen your motivation, suggest solutions and what best gives inspirational ideas into becoming a genius figure.
 just like Einstein, Da Vinci and Hawking.
 Geniuses are known for their ability which is quite extraordinary on the grounds of intelligence. A question you may want to ask is, 'where is this  ability coming from?'. I already know what you are thinking. You think they are inherently extraordinary or that genetics favored them. Cliche! Wrong!
Although genetics and behaviour theory may have its part but in order to get something out of existence and essence,  with the believe that getting to this realm 'genius' is not unattainable, you have to unthink or forget the idea that geniuses are born. Hear now, more of geniuses are made, just a fractional percentage of them are born.
One true thing about geniuses that made them stand out is that, they reform and re-define existence and essence. By existence and essence, I mean the entity  that exist. You! And the sole purpose of which you have come to exist- essence. They are not imprisoned by the social spectacle. That is, they do not care about what other people may say about what they say, what they wear but rather, they simply invent things in their own ways.
Who can't do these if desired?
Everyone can do it but it's gonna be though appearing odd among peers or colleagues. You want to be normal, stereotypical, holding to the same idea, being dogmatic and closed-minded, rational but unimaginative, uncreative, unproductive. Becoming a genius is far from your way then. To become a genius required some degree of abnormality. Anything extraordinary is beyond the ordinary, beyond average and as the DSM statistical criterion of abnormality-normality curve explicitly states, extraordinary is abnormal and as such, genius is an abnormal behavioral attribute.
Why do we need to live the life of Mr A? Why not be originally abnormal, become a genius to such an extent as to become a life philosopher, a problem solver.

These are steps that can take you into that realm 'genius' 

These steps are based on a close observation of biographies, documentaries and inventions of great geniuses of then time:

- Have a positive mind set

A positive mindset clears away negative energies. This mind set should set apart all doubts and challenges possible to hinder your goal of becoming a genius. This is a good and reliable principle to follow. The law of attraction confirms this because the law says  'whatever it is that we are thinking right now is what we are attracting, what we become and that thoughts become things as likes attract likes'.

- Question everything

Be passionately curious just as Einstein once said ' I have no special talent, I'm only passionately curious'. Geniuses  like Einstein and Hawking questioned everything they came about in scientific inquiries. They are personalities that do ponder what we call simple questions. To them, simple questions are to be re-defined for new answers and not in the old way. This is obvious quoting Einstein saying 'we cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking we used when we created them'.

-  Immerse yourself into music and let music be part of you 

Some musical compositions, note, frequencies and pitches are capable of making you go somewhat weird leaving the realm of normal to slightly abnormal but but with increased imagination and creativity- altered state of consciousness. This form of music is the old way music which have the ability to alter the mind but in bliss and awe. This also work in accordance with the principle of neuroplasticity. hemisphericity, hemisity and brain asymmetry.

- Find motivation

You can find motivation by reinforcement but don't let the reinforcer solely determine your course of action.

- Meditate

Meditation enhances the brain, refreshes and re-wire it. Worry about nothing. there are times to set apart for relaxation and a calm state of mind.  Also check Why Einstein Was Smarter

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