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Does The Size Of Your Brain Determine Intelligence?

Are people more intelligent when they have big brains? Should people continue to hold the belief called phrenology?
If you are still thinking nature makes you lucky big giving you a big brain.
That's wrong, you have to disregard that cliche now. Consider imbeciles who are categorized  as intelligence lower that 70 which would suggest mental retardation. Many of these imbeciles do have a big head and of course, a big head would commonsensically mean big brain.
In this context whatever the use of the word intelligence is would make it synonymous to being smart


This is an old belief that the size of the skull determines the size of the brain and as such, high mental capacity. This is the former measurement of intelligence before the advent of a more scientifically reliable measure of intelligence. It has become obsolete sine there are other methods which are rather not subjective as this old but popular belief called phrenology.
The study of big brain-intelligence is captured in the domain of pseudoscience. In some part, phrenology is said to deter mine personality traits. According to Stanford school of medicine, 'Phrenology (from Greek: phren, “mind”; and logos, “knowledge”) is a defunct field of study, once considered a science, in which the personality traits of a person were determined by “reading” bumps and fissures in the skull. Developed by German physician Franz Joseph Gall around 1800,[citation needed] the discipline was very popular in the 19th century. It was originally developed in 1796. In 1843, Fran├žois Magendie referred to phrenology as “a pseudo-science of the present day.” Phrenological thinking was, however, influential in 19th-century psychiatry and modern neuroscience.
It is also very important to note that phrenology is related to physiognomy which is the study of facial features and craniometry, which is the study of skull size, weight and shape'.

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