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9 Signs An Ultra-Smart Person is Feigning Dumb

 It is very difficult to feign smartness which I will equate here with intelligence, there are signs that a seemingly dumb person may not be as dumb as you think. So, how do you spot them?

1. If they have the answer to someone else or societal 
question, they keep mute.
The first sign of an intelligent person is that you may notice thy seem more quieter than usual that you question within  your mind 'is he dumb?' You may notice they are too slow to act out things  that yield the definite solution but
on the long run, they win.

2. If they always talk without certainty
Even if they know their stuff that the answer is correct, they are highly skeptical about their thoughts. You hear Einstein says 'I do not know anything for sure'

3. If they predict the future accurately at good percentage of the time
What may account for this s the good sense of time and judgement which most often characterize individual with very high level of intelligence.

4. If they are experts with genuine interest in whatever they do
They still seem dumb by letting newbies in the field manage the work for them when in the real sense, they are the managers.

5. If they are not proud to concede
highly intelligent individuals accept mistakes as soon as they realize it because they hate wasting time on arguments. They are open to corrections and criticisms since by their very nature, they are open-minded.

6. Many of them are introverts
Either shaped by the environment or inborn, they love solitude, tranquility and utmost peace from within, a way to gain more focus. If not introverted, they can mediate in-between introvertion and extraversion, usually known as ambiverts.

7. If they know when you out-manouver them
They may not realize immediately, your tricks but within a short time, they discover. What they do in return is to ignore since 'weak people revenge, strong people forgive, intelligent people simply ignore foolishness'- Carvin Dillard.

8. If they are most times rational than emotional
They soon disbelieve the idea of soul mate. They question if it really exist because been too attached to someone for a long time seem frustrating. They soon lose their dates, compromise serious relationship for more important affairs.

9. If their flattery is far from genuineness
They only use this to compliment others while at the same time getting social approval as to compensate for their introverted nature.

Image source: Twitter

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