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What does an IQ score of 137+ mean?

Asked the question what does an IQ of 137 and above mean? Here is a brief answer. After posting this brief write up here, I've written an answer also on Quora about this topic.

In clinical psychology, cognitive psychology cognitive neuroscience and psychometrics, an IQ score of 137 means highly intelligent, if not genius. This is determined by the graph of statistics called normal distribution curve that beyond average will make me suggest such an individual with the score is seemingly abnormal. High or low IQ should not bother you. A lot of brain training practices now have been put in place to compensate for biological inadequacies as regards intelligence. A popular idea going viral to prove this right is neuroplasticity by Donald Hebb in 1949. Later, brainology by Carol Dweck took after it in 1998/2000.
Furthermore, another thing to consider is creativity, which is very different from IQ. How? This is because one can create or invent stuffs with creative skills as opposed to IQ which is most often abstract thinking concentrated. Abstract thinking may help establish and link up ideas or relating ideas together. Many folks actually see IQ as academic achievement. As these two variables might have some relationships, the assumption is not absolute. In fact, they might differ. Brain training and memory techniques suggest that you can achieve a Magna cum laude with a mediocre or average IQ. As a person with average IQ might have great creative abilities. It makes sense to conveive intelligence as a concept worth more that IQ. For instance, socio-emotional intelligence is worth more than mere IQ of 137+. This is because the latter relates to situations of everyday life (such as coping with stress, managing relatioship with others, listening skills etc.)

If you pay attention to the earlier part of this article, you will notice that I mentioned something about abnormal and IQ. Don't panic because I mentioned being abnormal, abnormality does not always mean malfunctionality. Abnormality is at the best here but was only referenced because it is above average according to statistics/population criteria of abnormality.

I suggest you immerse yourself into further readings of this write up about what abnormality means [on this platform- Neuroscientia].
It's all about genius, smart, brain blogging and neuro-opinion.

It is high time you start planning and practise those brain hacks an personal development tasks that would help you boost tour brain power. You are a genius, not a dullard, not even tje mediocre tou think you are. What makes the difference between you and creative people is that they dare to be abnormal not minding the rules that society foist on them (Robert Greene in his 48 Laws of Power). Yes, this means that you are not imprisoned by social spectacle or social cognition. A free man is the man who does absolutely what benefits his set goals in line with moral correctness.

Why Obsessed About IQ Scores?
Why obsessed with scores of IQ when you can invest more time in creativity? Perhaps there are even negative things that happens to most intelligent people. Some of these are:

Socially inept
Tendency towards burnout
Correlation with depression
Intelligence does not equate creativity
Intelligence =/= to life satisfaction
Tendency towards addiction

For these very reasons, you should be confortable with an average IQ of 100. Forget low to average IQ panicking. Do you know that excessive curiosity and abstract thinking may be ruining some areas in the life of the Super-smarts because they do whatever they want to achieve that. More ridiculous is the artificial intelligence company called Neuralink, pioneered by Elon Musk, designed to integrate Neural lace with human brain so that humans can ultrasmart computer and robotic intelligence,
I'm actually following up on what this would eventually turn out to be.
What do you think about this? Maybe I missed something.

Now, your turn...

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