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Syllabus for Psychology Students in EKSU

Syllabus for Psychology (Bachelor of Science) as practised in the Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.
This is a 4-year degree program that covers all the vital areas of psychology as a discipline.
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Course codes and their titles with the specified units
Year 1
First semester
Psy 101 3units....Introduction to psychology.
Definition and scope of psychology. Psychology as a science. The scientific methods in psychology, psychology and other disciplines

Psy103 2units
History of psychology

Historical development of psychological thoughts from Greeks to modern era. Psychology and philosophy, schools of thought in psychology. Development/institutionalization of psychology in Nigeria.
Psy105 2units
Learning processes 1

Definition of learning, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, social learning, learning and instinct. Application of learning in behavior modification.
Psy107 2units
Careers in psychology

Basic psychology, Applied psychology...
Psy109 2units
Quantitative psychology 1

introduction to quantitative methods, the nature of quantitative methods, scales of measurement, mean, median, mode, mean deviation, variance, standard deviation.

Second semester
Psy102 3units...elements of psychology
Basic psychological concepts, principles and processes, such as motivation, emotion, social behaviour, personality, abnormal behaviour, biological basis of behaviour, human development and cognition.
Psy 104 2units..Basic concepts in experimental psychology
Introduction to experimental psychology, first experiments in psychology.
Psy 106 2units.....Quantitative psychology 2

Just as quantitative psychology 1 but also with the addition of the relationship between statistical methods and research designs in Psychology

Psy 108 2units...Learning process 2
Memory, forgetting, intelligence and creativity.

Year 2
first semester

Psy201 3units Social Psychology1
Attitude and attitude change, value, attitude measurement. The study of social psychological research, History of social psychology.
Psy203 2units Experimental psychology 1
Scientific methodologies and approaches in experimental research, experimental design. Introduction to data organization and data analysis
Psy 205 2units...Physiological psychology 1
How the cells, brain, central nervous system and endocrine system relates to or influence human behavior. Introduction to Genetics and behavior.
Psy 207 2units...Industrial psychology 1
Introduction to the application of psychological principles in industries
Psy 209 2units...Developmental psychology 1
Theories of development, factors influencing development, prenatal development, reflexes of this period e.g Babinski reflex. Childhood development.

Second semester
Psy 202 3units...Motivation and emotion..
Motivation and emotion from folklore to pre-scientific and scientific tradition. Application of motivation and emotion to contemporary living.
Psy 204 2units...Developmental psychology 2
Definition of development, maturation, factors influencing development, maturation. Adolescence, old age, cognitive development, social development...
Psy 206 2units...Genetics and behavior
Check Genetics and behaviors
Psy 208 2units...Experimental designs

Psy 210 2units...Psychology of criminology and juvenile delinquency

Psy 212 2units...Experimental Psychology 2
The continuation of experimental psychology 1
Psy 214 2units...Physiological psychology 2
Biological basis of motivation and emotion, consciousness and physiological factors in drug and behaviour
Psy 216 2units....Psychology of ethnicity and ethnic grouping

Year 3
first semester

psy301 2 units...Statistical methods 1.
Descriptive statistics, description of basic statistical concepts, measure of central tendency, measure of dispersion or variability, simple correlation, scatter plot, partial correlation, questionnaire design and steps in questionnaire design.
Psy 303 2units...abnormal psychology 2
Concepts and theories of abnormal behavior, History of abnormal behavior, classes of abnormal behavior.
Psy 305 3units...Social psychology 2.... 

Group structure and process, cooperation, competition, conflict and conflict resolution, conformity and non-conformity, communication, leadership and social change. Social influence theories like social loafing, social facilitation e.t.c.
Psy 307 2 units... Sensation and perception.

Psy309 2units...Psychopharmacology

General introduction, comparative and clinical pharmacology. Basic physiological concepts such as isotope labelling as a method of tracing metabolic pathways, enzyme action and action of poisons. Pharmarcokinetics including drug absorption and bioavailability, drug metabolism, drug excretion and basic concepts in psychopharmacotherapeutics, focus on behavioural teratogenesis and development. Perinatal neuropsychopharmacology. Factors affecting prenatal administration of psychoactie drugs.
Psy 311 2units...Research methods in psychology
experimental, survey, obseration e.t.c psychometric properties such as validity reliability of measuring instruments. Test standardization, sampling, objectie tests, questionaire design and steps involved. Rating scales, behavioural observation scale, attitude scales and content analysis.
Psy 313 2units...Industrial psychology 1
organizational behaviour and Psy 207
Psy 315 2units....physiological psychology 3...
Biological basis of behaiour, memory, sensation, perception, movement, learning and speech area of the brain.
Psy 317 2units.... Consumer behavior
Psy 319 2units....personality theories

such as that of Freud, Aldler e.t.c

Second semester
Psy 302 2units statistical methods
inferential statistics, probability, hypothesis testing, the binomial distribution, single-sample tests involving means and proportions tests. Bi-variate statistics, Multivariate analysis.

Psy 304 2units...personality assessment.
Psy 306 2units...Abnormal psychology 2
Psy308 2units Psychology of substance abuse
Psy 310 2units..... Psychological testing 2
Psy 312 2units..... Counseling Psychology

methods of counseling, theories of counseling. Traditional way of counseling in Nigeria...

Psy 314 2units........ Cross-cultural psychology
Psy 316 2units....... Comparative psychology
Definition and reason for studying animal behavior, comparative psychology and ethology. Research methods in comparative psychology. Taxonomy and its implication in comparative psychology classification of behavior. Theories of evolution, population density and ecology. Primate societies. Comparative psychology of mental development. Communication in animal. Aggression among animals. 

Psy 318 2units..... Political psychology.

Year 4
Psy 400... Project (Honors thesis)
An in-depth empirical study of a topic in psychology, approved by the department. It will be presented in an essay not exceeding 10,000 words. The essay must be typed in quarto sized paper and bound in color approved by the department. (Students may be required to present their proposal to the department).

Psy 401 2units........psychology of personnel management
Psy 403 2units.......practicum in psychology
practical application of psychological instruments, including administration and interpretation of tests to clients/subjects

Psy 405 2units.......... Clinical psychology
An inroduction to clinical psychology. Concept of clinical psychology, differences between clinical psychology and other areas of the helping profession such as psychiatry, social works, nursing etc. History of clinical psychology, assessments and treatments on clinical psychology.

Psy 407 2units.....social perception
Psy 409 2units.....systems and theories of psychology
definitions of theories and systems in psychology. The contributions of various theories and systems in psychology (such as structuralism, functionalism, behavior, gestalt and psychoanalysis) to the understanding of psychological processes such as, abnormal behavior, learning, motivation, perception and sensation etc.

Psy 411 2units.....Forensic psychology
Psy 413 2units....... Psycholinguistics.
The nature and functions of language. Language acquisition, pre-linguistic communication (communication before speech). Theories of language. Relationship between language and thought. Language disorders.

Second semester
Psy 402 2units.....psychology of works and its organization

Psy 404 2units...... Practicum in psychotherapy
Practical basis of theories, methods and concepts used in psychotherapy

Psy 406 2units..... Psychology of union management
The origin and evolution of union management. Philosophies of union management, power, authority and conflicts, bargaining and negotiation.

Psy 408 2units......Behavior therapy
Psy 410 2units...... Psychology in development.
The concept of psychological and development application of psychological principles to development problems in Nigeria, such as industrialization, mental health, care of the handicaped, population control, the aged, destitutes etc.
Psy 412 2units..... Contemporary issues in Psychology

Psy 414 2units...... Environmental psychology
Man-environment interaction, personal space, territoriality and privacy, crowding and behavior, psychological experience of living in the city and the village. Built environment and behavior.

Psy 416 2units...... Psychology and social change.
Concept of social change, factors influencing social change on the individuals through processes, self-concepts, health and wellbeing etc.

 Note: the courses listed here are only major courses and as such, no electives, no GSTs, no ESCs.

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