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10 Ways to Tackle an Aptitude Test in Nigeria

This article is only for those who need a change in their test taking- a positive change of course.

Aptitude test are tests of specific abilities on a specific task. Most times they are
administered to screen job applicant so that the best fit or qualified are chosen.
The scoring and marking of aptitude test usually depend on the norm of the population or could be the immediate test group population so that the score are compared with regard to rank and
how many are the applicant.
Aptitude tests may be found difficult as most of the question requires adequate thoughts and most times logical. Many aptitude tests incorporate negative marking to their scheme just be cautious of choosing the right answers as there is only one right answer for every question.

                            Timing of test

The timing of any aptitude test is usually against the candidates but you can be smart enough to tackle all the questions some might be so though that many of these questions would be left unanswered. 

If you want to tackle an aptitude test, these are the sure-fire ways:

1.   Be informed

 Yes, informed about the timing, venue, likely questions and the host of the test that can make your anxiety reduce a bit a way to getting prepared. Nothing sucks than ignorance.

2.   Minimize worry

  Know and accept that this although might be your first time on test like this, you are not the only one in the same shoe.

3.   Prepare ahead of the time

  consult books, practise past questions well enough

4.   Concentrate more on your area of expertise: since time usually work against test takers, it is a good idea to know a lot about what you know so that you do not go to perform mediocrity.

5.   Cut off on the scheduled time

 Have a wristwatch with you for proper timing. While you time yourself , just cut off on the timing> this means if the test is schedule for 45 minutes, plan to finish 15 minutes before the scheduled time (45 minutes), that is, 30 minutes.

6.   Don't waste time on a question

 If you don’t know the answer, skip to the next question but re-visit after all has been attempted.

7.   Before you go there at all, don’t skip your meal.

8.   Reduce anxiety and high level of arousal

  Be happy and consider writing the test a privilege rather than some form of difficulties and perceived disappointments.

9.   Follow the test instructions on the question paper

  Adhere to it strictly, don’t start until you are told to start because some invigilators/examiners are very strict that they help employers look for any of your mistake to screen you out. Harsh! You won’t let that happen to you.

10. You might be instructed to write a motivational letter or take a short survey 

 Don’t take it with levity because this might be the real aptitude test. Be conscious of your grammars and the words you use to describe your personality. Be original but you can put yourself in a positive light in a way corresponding to your strength as described in your Curriculum Vitae (CV).
   Hope this article helps. Let’s hear your comments. Share this to make a change, you own that job and go get it right there.

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