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Indices of a Good Counsellor


  This are simple but practical tips that a good counselor must observe; directly relates to ethics of psychology, in regard to counseling.

- A good counselor must know and put into practise, that his/her job is not to advise but rather to counsel which is more of listening to the client.

- A good counselor must be conscious of his facial expressions, emotional and physical cues as to prevent any form of bias.

- By professional ethics, a good counselor is in no way granted by any authority to castigate or judge the behaviors of his/her client.
- A good counselor must adopt the ethical standards as official procedure demands  
- A good counselor must admit the fact that he is not the almighty problem solver and thereby refer some of his/her client having more Germain issues to his colleague, a counselor who has already attained expertise in that field. he/she might have been counseled.
- A good counselor should never be tired of or become inconsistent with his/her client as to ensure familiarity and a good follow-up.
- A good counselor applies the counseling theories with practicality and objectivity. He/she is not rash to make decision.

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